Layout of the Poly-tunnel

The layout has gone through several design iterations. My constraints that have been through various changes are: 3 ft wide path down the center, allowing easy access for wheelbarrows and wheelchairs. 2ft reach, so a 2ft bed if accessed from one side, and 4ft beds if accessible from both sides. Any side paths to be 2 ft wide’ just enough to get a barrow through.

The idea of island beds appealed, but I was shocked how much was pathway. By cheating a little, I made the edge beds 3′ not 2′ and had a long 4′ wide bed. This would be a pain, walking around the bed and I would make paths through the bed, eventually. This does use the least amount of wood. The key hole bed uses the most amount of wood but, it offers the most bed space that is easy to access.

Bed Area m2Bed are Sq Ft% bed area
The Poly-tunnel60645.834100
Islands with 3’ all round26.58286.10446244%
3’ wide beds + 4’ wide central bed39419.792165%
Key hole beds39.84428.83377666%

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