Oven dried Tomatoes

Our local ASDA (related to Walmart) had grape sized tomatoes marked down to 20p for a half pound bag, so I bought five. I should have bought more….

Looking at various recipes, they seemed similar so here is mine.

Cut them in half length ways, when they’re all done put a splash of olive oil, some freshly ground pepper and salt. I also threw in a sliced up clove of garlic. Pop them on a lined backing tray and into the oven at 120C / 250f for a couple of hours. Keep an eye on them as some of them crisped up and chew almost like toffee, Sara likes those. The fatter ones are a little juicy and perfect for a pizza topping. They have a sundried tomato flavour with added sweetness. When we have a glut I’ll know what to do with them.

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