Jane Fonda Workout

Before I started this project, I weighed 110kg, about 17 stone. I’m six foot but my t-shirts were now getting a bit short because my “Rhodesian Front” was the biggest it’s ever been.

Building beds, filling, lifting and raking meant lots and lots of small movements, hence the Jane Fonda Workout. A shovel full of manure is not particularly heavy when compared to a concrete block, but fill a cubic yard of compost bin or a bed with compost and it’s a real work out. Technically I can lift a big bucket of water but I’ll knacker my back, so filling a water butt with watering cans is a workout. I’m drinking significantly more water as a result of the additional effort. With no scientific backup, I have a ‘gut feeling’ that water does something to shift weight. For this reason, is why I think it’s important if you have depression, it’s worth coming along. It’s not the dread of a gym, it’s not boring and there is no need for lycra and weights. You will feel so much better.

About two weeks ago I weighed myself again and I’d lost 10kg/ 1.5 stone. I’ve cut back on raiding the cupboards at night and drink less alcohol. Both significantly easier to do now I’m doing something positive.

Today I have a real workout, I’m collecting secondhand bricks. I’m lining the boot of the car with carpet and visiting a local building site where they have knocked down a wall. I’ll need to count how many ‘reps’ I do.

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