Pot and tools

Over a cup of tea, the number of Ray’s tomatoes came up and the fact I did not want to buy any more plastic pots. Bryan has donated, the entire contents of his greenhouse that included oodles of pots, trays, with bespoke tampers and a hole-maker that looks like a bed of nails. The riddle he’d made is big enough to put a barrow below, had to go on the roof. I’m getting used to looking like the Clampetts when I drive around. All I need is a beatup ol’ hat like Jed.

Sara who placed an advert on gumtree for garden tools. My concern was that I would end up driving for hours to pick up a rusty hand trowel. As it turns out good people have replied; I’ve made a contact who has run a similar project and I’ll setup a meeting to learn from her experience. Irene messaged and donated spades, shovels, forks, rakes, weeders and a hand fork with a long handle.

All kind, generous good people. Thank you.

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