Potato Planting

Two beds of potatoes have been planted. I used an adz, or a budza as it is called in Zim, to make light work of planting potatoes. The two beds took roughly 4 bags of potatoes. I’ll need three more beds the same size to plant up the rest of the potatoes!

It’s called an adz here, which is really a wood carving tool. In Zim they were called a bud-za and used all the subsistence farmers

The tomatoes Ray so kindly donated have been potted up; I have about 110 plants that I’ll grow on and sell for funds to build another tunnel.

The Fife Carers Men’s group were invited to have a look at The Sanctuary Garden. Andy, our organiser and leader popped over as did Bryan with his neebor Frank, who is always welcome. That was it. A little disappointing but I can’t dwell on it, I need more compost!

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