Open Garden Limitations

The garden is really a field, near the house. Here are a few things to be aware of.

  • This is a Sanctuary, so please treat it as such, it’s not a commercial outlet. It’s a place to hang out and enjoy the moment. Bring your kind self. To put things in perspective; this has been going a month, and there is only one of me.
  • Covid-19 precautions; Try to keep two meters apart. The media has been flooded with practical advice; just use it.
  • There is limited parking, it would be great if you can walk or cycle. The road has lots of potholes and not ideal for lowered cars with spoilers and scoops.
  • There is no toilet (yet). For those who don’t mind, the “P” bucket is available. The contents go onto the manure pile. There is a secluded area at the side of the shed with a fabulous view. If all else fails, Asda have a loo, as does Queen Margaret Hospital.
  • Vegetable seedlings will be available for sale but don’t expect ‘Garden center’ uniformity, branding or quantities.
    • I’ll not have much change for notes and can’t take a credit card.
    • Bring carrier bags if you’re planning on buying.
  • It’s a little rough around the edges, I know it could be less rustic but it’s not in my nature.
  • It’s been wet for ages so the ground is muddy and can be slippery.
    • wellies, muckers or trekkers are ideal.
    • Wear high heels at your own risk and that applies to the ladies too.
    • There is the odd divot and lump so please take care walking around
  • Kids and dogs are welcome, just keep them under control, on a leash where appropriate and bag and bin any poop.
    • If you bring a bucket, I’ll show the kids how plant a seed potato in compost and you to take home. Big kids are welcome to bring a bucket too.
  • Make-your-own tea and coffee, will be provided with a washing up bowl and paper towels. I’m hoping to make some biscuits too. For those concerned about Covid-19, boiling water has been used for millennia to kill viruses, bacteria and pathogens, there will be wet wipes too.

If you have a concern about coming, there will be more open days and by then things will be a little more organised. Perhaps there may even be a loo in place.

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