Hori Hori

This is a multifunctional tool; a trowel and a knife. The blade is slightly cupped to give it strength. Reading reviews, it appears to be most gardener’s best tool. I’ve been lusting after them and then it struck me, I could make one.

Using a spade I’d pulled out of skip with a broken handle, I cut out the center section, shaped it, gave it an edge and glued it into a handle made from seasoned apple wood. I still need to add some rivets through the wood into the tang and I’ve been shaping it with my opinel, making it smooth and round.

It feels good in my hand and it’s not going to bend if it’s used like a trowel. I do need a scabbard and it’s a big knife with sharp edges, so would probably sever something important, if I sat down with it in my pocket.

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