It’s getting hot hot hot

For Scotland, it’s warming up. An early start planting out the new bed meant it was not too unpleasant. So I grew up in Zimbabwe, I should be used to the heat; that’s sounds plausible but I’ve been in the UK longer than I’ve been in Africa so I’ve acclimatised, besides my head meds also give me the sweats.

In the bed is some tobacco, Virginia and some Cuban cigar wrappers, lucky dip cauliflowers, chinese cabbage, and some drumhead cabbage. I was barely out with the seedlings and the cabbage whites were fluttering around. The hope is that by using upturned plastic pots to keep the fleece off the seedlings, the fleece will keep pests away and give them an advantageous micro-climate. The buckets of potatoes, onion and garlic have also been moved outside, which means I have space for another poly tunnel bed. More bricks…..

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