Beginners workshop Week 1

A mixture of relief and delight washed over me when two people arrived for the workshop. Both known plant killers, brown thumbs and unsure about even being at the event.

We went through watering, how to water, when plants need water, watering seedlings and why they die so easily. Then did little on seed size and how to handle them differently. Rootbound pots, what causes it, and how to untangle and pot up the plants. We covered splitting plants, supermarket plants specifically. Briefly covered vermiculite, perlite and compost. I also covered garden tools, and how few you really need.

By then end of the hours discussion, they both left with plants for their garden and windowsills. There was no pressure to ensure they lived, rather just to have a go.

They both seemed to have enjoyed it and learned something new. I enjoyed it too.

What a class room!

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  1. Our second week at a workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it . Grant was really informative and interesting and we had a few laughs along the way. Excellent evening – thanks !!!!!

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