Workshop #2

Rather than not expecting anyone to arrive, I was concerned we would be swamped. Turns out there were 10 of us, so under the covid limitation and about the right size. Any more would have been too many, particularly if the rain had stay on.

We covered pot sizes, potting up tiny, medium and large seedlings, potting up a tomato and flat parsley from ASDA. Watering, under and overwatering was discussed and demystified. Seedlings and pots were distributed along with high tech planting tools (teaspoons) and everyone had a go.

My small collection of mint was outside and everyone was invited to pinch off a leaf and enjoy the different aromas. I’ll need to propagate them tomorrow. The chocolate spearmint was popular.

We did a bit of a walk around and I knocked out a pot of Ratte potatoes. They are still wee but it was interesting to see them. It allowed me to talk about overfeeding; nutrient burn, and feeding plant in general.

With trays of seedlings, the gardeners left The Sanctuary Garden. It had achieved one of it’s main goals, lifting spirits. Education although important is not the main goal. My spirits were lifted too, thanks to a wonderful group of people. If you attended today, please would you book your place in next week’s workshop.

Some of the comments included

  • I’ve learned more tonight that I have in the past four years
  • We had fun
  • My plants are still alive

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  1. Sorry we missed the first workshop but this was excellent. Learned how resilient seedlings are and lost a few ‘fears’ re handling them . Grant was an excellent tutor!!!!

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