Space saving, easy and cheap way to plant your Lettuce

The second beginners workshop covers seeds and planting up. This includes separating and potting on some live supermarket herbs, about a dozen bay trees planted from seed in a tiny pot and planting seedlings grown here into a rain gutter.

The compost mix is mushroom compost, with perlite for drainage and chicken manure pellets for fertility.

It’s been drizzly for the day so helped with outside watering. Two handfuls of Magnesium sulphate (epsom salts) were added to the big tank so the plants always get magnesium, critical for photosynthesis. When you consider most folk put half a bag of bath salts into their bath, a handful or two is nothing in 1000 litres, 264 us Gal.

Mick kindly dropped off another load of chippings, and they are steaming away. I’m going to use them to make compost by mixing equal parts of bokashi ferment, bark, mushroom compost and fresh horse manure. Another experiment….

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