Winter planting now?

It is that time. I can remember that after the potato harvest, that was it. Soil was cleaned of all vegetation and left exposed for the frost to break it down to a fine tilth. Now I know that’s probably the worst thing you can do; soil microbes die without live roots, nutrients get washed away with the top soil, and the soil compacts.

This is the first winter at The Sanctuary Garden, and so far we have, Imperial Wheeler Cabbage planted, and interplanted with lettuce, Lolo Rossa, Little Gem and Tom Thumb in one bed, winter spinach, Vulcan Chard – deep red stemmed variety, and Winter wonder lettuce. Of course the garlic from the Really Garlicky Company up in Nairn, is in the first bed in the field. It’s been over planted with beetroot, that is now taking off and looking particularly happy.

The water tank has been moved to the corner of the shed, now that I have a pump connected to a hose. It makes it easy watering anywhere in the garden. The only downside is if I fill a watering can and leave the hose in it and turn off the pump, it siphons empty.

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