15 Hens working for their food in the Tractor

The two groups of hens integrated with not too much fuss. It’s taken them less than a week to scratch up 16′ x 4′ and I now have to decide how best to move the tractor with the hens.

Years ago, I heard that Mr Fox is a clever old man, and is particularly wary of human voices. On one of the gardening shows in the ’90s I heard of a chicken owner who had bother with foxes eventually resort to a transistor radio set to Radio 4. I’ll have hens with an incredible general knowledge and handle on current affairs.

With the trailer borrowed from our neighbours, I collected twenty 8′ pallets.
Clearing the poly tunnel at the East Neuk Market Garden, I ended up with a mass of basil and made basil and olive oil. The plan is to make nut-free pesto as well as beet leaf pesto. The only way to preserve it, is to freeze it. I think our freezer will be full.

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