Who thought volunteering could benefit your mental health?

Volunteering at the Sanctuary Garden offers a few things;

  • It is outside with a view over the Forth Valley, the three bridges and Edinburgh.
  • If it’s cold or wet, there is shelter in a warm poly tunnel.
  • There is no pressure to actually do anything, you’re welcome to just chat with a cup of tea to escape the interminable torrent broadcast of bad news.
  • Everything grown is shared, with volunteers, foodbanks and those in need.
  • You’ll probably learn something new. Grant is fascinated with plants, nutrients, organic practices that work in the real world, nutrition, carbon sequestration and soil health.
  • If there are seedlings and or vegetables that are ready, you may take some home

These volunteers from Aegon, spent a morning and constructed two raised beds with pallet wood, coated in veggie oil, as a preservative, filled them with straw, manure and compost and finally planted some seedlings.

Its rewarding, not too much heavy lifting and a distraction from the day to day humdrum, even though a lot of work was discussed.

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