March, April and May are super-busy

The original hen house has passed it’s use-by date and a new one has been erected. Pallet wood for the sides, covered with trampoline mat to allow some air flow, a rollaway nesting box and skids to make it easy (easier) to move.

The hens seem to like it.

The design and construction was helped by the Home Educated children and is now in full swing with staging made from pallets covered in trays. The plastic is not as clear and does not let as much heat in as the main polytunnel but it’s perfect for seedlings

Probably the most fun to put up using discarded 10ft trampolines, donated plastic and raised beds made with pallet wood. It needs a little more work. This space is managed by the Home Educated children, and the poly tunnel is technically portable, hence the huge blocks holding it down.

The nets that keep the children from falling off the trampoline are ideal for beds to keep off chickens, butterflies and slow down the wind. The legs that hold up the trampoline, when inverted are perfect hoops for netting or fleece.

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