Working with my community

It has been rewarding to work with schools, nursery schools and individuals who are struggling with where to start growing vegetables.

There are six raised beds for six classes and they planted hand fulls of seeds, nearly 500 seedlings, onion sets and potatoes in a day. Square foot gardening was explained, with the only real advice that the tall plants at the back so as not to shaded the wee ones, and the children decided where they wanted to plant seedlings and seeds. Each bed is completely different and the choices were made by each class.

Our septic tank is a reed bed with the last bed, filled with willow that need to be pollarded regularly. My car looked like it had a Harry Potter Broom attached to the roof.

Julia’s family has an allotment and wanted to encourage her to enjoy the outdoors, growing and eating her own veggies. As I had some plastic and left over trampoline hoops it made sense to add a little poly tunnel. Turns out I’d not considered allotment planning permission rules so it was lowered by removing the legs. The Area is the same but requires a bow, to enter if you’re taller than 5′.

Julia painted the pallet wood with veggie oil and vinegar, the emulsion seems to be better absorbed by the wood and gives a wonderful aroma of fish and chips. Nails were chapped in and screws added to the ends to make up an 8′ x 2.5′ raised bed and 300l of compost added allowing Julia to plant up half the bed. The square foot gardening idea was used here too.

Little Bugs outdoor nursery now has a poly tunnel for really inclement weather and to grow some tomatoes and other heat loving plants. It’s not finished…..

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