In as little as a month

The children at Carron Primary near Falkirk were enthusiastic at planting and most, had no idea what the seedlings would grow into. In less than a month of watering and spraying with ‘onion and garlic fermented plant juice (FPJ)’ this is the result. Purple pea pods have formed, not quite filled out yet, lettuces have exploded, corn is nearly a foot high, beans are reaching for the sky and seeds have germinated and looking good.

Seedlings are being planted up for the next cycle; filling spaces after a harvest and keeping the beds filled keeping roots in the soil that feed micobes, that feed plants nutrients that keep us humans healthy.

This is a project all schools could be involved with, it’s not just about growing veg, it’s touching the soil, relinquishing control as it’s messy and in the lap of the ‘Gods’ and most of all, appeals to those who struggle with the ‘school system’. This garden has become a place of peace and tranquility with positive stories are recounted by teachers and pupils alike.

If your school is interested in starting a garden, get in touch, it can be started and planted up at any time of the year, this is not just a summer project, there will be plants growing all year round and the startup costs are low.

These artichokes are the first crop in year two of the plant’s lives. Of course they are delicious, and the ‘hair’ in the center is so soft, it’s edible; probably picked too early. Apparently if they ‘squeak’ when you squeeze them, they are ready for harvest. The sharp petals scratch against the shell-like petal below making that noise. Boiled for 15 minutes according to Alexa, and consume. My mouth is watering as I write.

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