How to build a raised bed from pallets

The aim is to show how easy it is to make a bed. Finding a the right pallet is the hardest part of making this bed. Vinegar and oil are the only materials and cost a couple of pounds.

This is a free course and donations are welcome to help pay for materials and compost.

The only specialised tool I use is a pallet breaker. A claw hammer to pull nails out and knock them back in, a hand saw, mini roller and tray to oil the wood. Materials are vegetable oil and vinegar, mixed about 4:1 the cheapest you can get. A litre or so does one 8’x4′ raised bed. Optional are galvanised nails if you don’t want to reuse the ones pulled out of the pallet. You’re welcome to help, watch and comment or just visit the garden. We have free range chickens in a run so dogs need to be well behaved and obedient.

It takes less than an hour to build a bed and the process will be repeated so you don’t need to be there for the start. The forecast is sunshine and showers at the moment but if it’s absolutely pouring it will be put on hold.

Parking and access.
The road up to the garden is unpaved and has as many potholes as Kingseat main road. There are blind corners and 12 tonnes of tractor use these roads; turn down the radio and keep your eyes peeled.
Please park around the houses and don’t block roads as large tractors and trailers use it all the time.
The ground is uneven so care is required by all. It’s not really suitable for wheel chairs or ambulatory challenged.

Coffee and tea will be available for self service. Be aware there are no toilet facilities except in emergencies.

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