Organic vegetables donated to Eats Rosyth

This is the first donation in 2022 to Eats Rosyth; cabbage, lettuce, crookneck (yellow) and romanesco (green ridged) courgettes and shallot scapes used in an omelette for the volunteer’s lunch. It was delicious. Bravo Brenda👩‍🍳

Have you tried scapes? They are onion/shallot/garlic flowers and the stems are used like spring onions. They are delicious to eat raw in a salad or cooked. Before tasting my first one last year, I thought they would taste like overpowering onion; there is an onion flavour but it’s sweet and delicious. All the nutrients going to the flowers to make seeds are in the stems so it’s really good for your health.

What is noticeable about the cabbage is the thickness of the leaves, they feel turgid and fat although not tough or stringy in the slightest. Again the taste difference is remarkable to mass produced ‘industrial’ cabbages. Slug damage is minimal because I spray with onion and garlic concentrate that slugs seem to have an allergic reaction to.

Before now, eggs, cabbages, spinach and lettuce have been given away to volunteers at The Sanctuary Garden.

The Romanesco courgette in the foreground is a monster, the leaves dwarf my hand. That end of the poly tunnel has a jungle feel, all I need is a tiger.

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