Children grew 60 lettuces from six beds!

The School term finishes on Friday so the idea was to let the kids take home some of their produce. Lettuce was the only obvious thing they could take and 60 were harvested from the beds. Photos of excited kids are shared with parents and other pupils; such a shame I can’t share them with you.

Last week nasturtiums were tasted and not everyone had a flower so I harvested my bush in the poly tunnel. Tasting is encouraged and if it was not to their liking, could be ‘spat out’ as we were outside. Success was tasting food, even if you did not like it.

I showed them garlic, onion and three types of courgette from my garden as well as the different coloured eggs.

The school has one rule. “Just be kind”. I wonder if would work in the big bad self-centred world we live in now. I think it would make a huge difference.

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