Summer veggies and more beds

6 more beds have appeared and five filled with compost and seedlings. It’s going to be an organic production and needs to ramp up as the economic pressure mounts on households unused to facing food poverty.

A 12 tonne load of organic compost has just been delivered that will more beds can be constructed and filled. It is my hope that another eight 4’x8′ beds can be filled ready for the next batch of seedlings. Carrots, beet and swede will be direct sown, as they are pretty good staples. As plants are harvested seedlings replace them. The plan is to have seedlings, for example, that take 4 or 5 weeks to harvest from the time they are planted out. With 5 beds each planted up a week apart will mean at least 30 lettuce a week until the weather slows that down.

Three donations have recently been made to eats and disappear quickly which is a positive sign. These veggies are organic and nutritious.

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