Grant’s Onion Slug muti

Muti, is a Zulu word for medicine prepared by a Witchdoctor, a revered member of their society.

Now the for the secret recipe:

When cooking, roughly chop the skins and ends of onions and garlic and add to a jar layering with dark brown sugar. About equal volumes or weight. DO NOT ADD WATER, or it will smell awful. Use and elastic band and cover with a cloth/coffee filter or face mask. When full, let it ferment for 2 weeks stirring about once a day. Strain through a sieve or colander into a plastic bottle. Fermentation creates carbon dioxide so make sure the lid is not on tight.

This can be used as a weekly foliar spray or a soil drench.

Dilute the syrup 1:1000 as per Korean Natural Farming guidelines

Spray for a 1 litre spray bottle.

3-4 drops of Onion Muti
3-4 drops of washing up liquid
fill with water and use.

Soil drench 10 Litre watering can

2 tsp of Onion Muti
A glug, house measure, 50ml, of organic apple cider vinegar** or some kind of vinegar.
Fill with water and water plants near their bases.

Organic apple cider vinegar is sold in most shops, keep the ‘dregs’ or the ‘mother’ as it’s known and fill with pressed apple juice. Let it ferment for 2 or 3 weeks with the lid loose and you have your own apple cider vinegar for the garden or in the kitchen.