Living soils are filled with indigenous micro-life, that assist in making nutrients available for plants to use. This is often in a symbiotic relationship with the plant roots. Mycorrhizal fungi is a good example, where the plant feeds the fungus with sugars and the fungus breaks down the organic matter giving the plant both nitrogen and other nutrients in a form that require less energy from the plant, to be absorbed and used.

Living soil is negatively impacted by many traditional farming methods; ploughing, pesticides, herbicides and synthetic chemical fertilizers. Using no-till or no-dig helps the establish colonies of microbes. Pesticides aimed at killing aphids, for example, also kill other beneficial insects. Promoting insect life, helps keep pests in check. Accepting some damaged produce, rather than unrealistic pristine product covered in pesticides is something we all need to re-learn. Garlic, ginger, turmeric and thyme can keep mold and unwanted fungus off our plants.

Korean Natural Farming (KNF) is aimed at subsistence farmers faced with rising costs of pesticides and machines. Master Cho, has to his personal cost, gone head to head with Corporate Ag. His son, started JADAM and believes farms can be run at less than $100 an acre. He has a wonderful recipe for soap and simple sulfur spray.

We will use KNF and JADAM to organically grow both vegetables and chickens.