The Vision

The Sanctuary Garden has three broad aims, improve mental health and wellbeing by growing vegetables as part of a community, demystify and promote organic growing and donating produce grown.

Hiding depression behind a ‘jolly’ exterior works for most people however Grant’s mother recently said to him “your demeanor has improved since I’ve been gardening.” Gardening is cathartic, it allows an escape from the world and gives purpose. The entire process, from a dusty seed, seedling and ultimately harvesting is immensely satisfying. Trying out different ways to cook, store and preserve vegetables is interesting and mouth watering.

It’s also a place of learning, especially for those who know nothing about gardening; you’ll be shown, helped and encouraged. There are no silly questions, and rolling of eyes is strictly forbidden. There will be plants you can take home to grow in your garden or on a window sill. We aim to collect seed from the plants that do well and taste delicious. There will be tasting sessions where you can compare the taste of five different varieties of potato, for example. Of course you can pop a cherry tomato in your mouth as you work. The entire place is organic; no pesticide or synthetic fertilisers. We make Bokashi compost, some with the help of hens, compost teas, organic soaps and sprays like Oriental Herbal Nutrient (OHN). A tincture of garlic, ginger, cinnamon, liquorice, turmeric and angelica root is sprayed to prevent aphids and thrips, molds and mildews and it tastes nice too.

At the moment, there is one poly tunnel, but we could have a lot more in the two acres. Everything on the site is provided; the seed, compost, raised beds, tools and poly-tunnels.

Eats Rosyth has been the recipient of our produce so far, but with a potato harvest looming, I’m expecting it to spread further.

The site offers a few vehicle parking spaces, although easy access can be made by walking or cycling. We can see Queen Margaret Hospital. There is a public transport hub at Queen Margaret Hospital and Station, less than a mile away and an upgraded footpath to Kingseat that runs past the entrance to the farm. There is also a path through the woods from Townhill that is a pleasant walk.

Please follow The Sanctuary Garden to keep up with all our efforts