The scourge of F1 Seed

F1 seed and varieties have been heralded as the savior of world starvation. The reality is somewhat different, it lines the pockets of large organizations who spend a fortune on breeding plants that require two different plants to produce the F1 seed.

This is a sad story to illustrate how F1 seeds destroy communities and valuable genetics are lost forever.

The majority of farmers in the third world grow a staple, let’s choose rice. It’s not an F1, so the seed that they collect can be planted the next season. Over generations it’s been improved by farmers choosing the best plants and kept that seed. With the silver tongue, a corporate salesman offers seed that promises to increase the yield by 50%. It’s planted, the ‘old’ seed either sold or eaten, and for the first season, the yield increases. As usual, some is eaten, some sold and some kept for seed. That seed they collected from the F1 plants now produces less than 50% of the original ‘old’ seed. These farmers are so poor, they can’t buy new F1 seed and the heirloom seed with generations of selection, has vanished.

The farmer’s family are now starving, the salesman made his target and the corporate can tell the world how they are saving starving people by selling F1 seed and develop more f1 seed. No one spends time developing heirloom seed.