Busy over Easter Holidays

After 8 fulfilling sessions, Bring the Brood has come to a close. It’s been an incredible journey, witnessing the children’s growing confidence in the kitchen. Parents have shared heartwarming feedback about their children’s newfound enthusiasm for cooking. I’m grateful for the seamless teamwork among Fife Council, Community Use, and the school staff, handling every challenge with agility.

Post-equinox, our hens have gone into overdrive with egg-laying, thanks to the roll-away egg box that’s curbed egg consumption. Additionally, we’re delighted to have donated two hens to Eats Rosyth following the loss of one of their own.

The unfortunate fate of our polytunnel—damaged by storms Isha and Kathleen—has led to its disassembly. It was a challenging moment, the first time I entertained thoughts of giving up, albeit fleetingly.

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