Busy over Easter Holidays

After 8 fulfilling sessions, Bring the Brood has come to a close. It’s been an incredible journey, witnessing the children’s growing confidence in the kitchen. Parents have shared heartwarming feedback about their children’s newfound enthusiasm for cooking. I’m grateful for the seamless teamwork among Fife Council, Community Use, and the school staff, handling every challenge with agility.

Post-equinox, our hens have gone into overdrive with egg-laying, thanks to the roll-away egg box that’s curbed egg consumption. Additionally, we’re delighted to have donated two hens to Eats Rosyth following the loss of one of their own.

The unfortunate fate of our polytunnel—damaged by storms Isha and Kathleen—has led to its disassembly. It was a challenging moment, the first time I entertained thoughts of giving up, albeit fleetingly.

Potting up seedlings

The students in P4, P5, P6 and P7 at Carron Primary School potted up seedlings in the warm polytunnel. Baby chicks kept the class entertained while I worked with groups of five students taking seedlings and potting them into modules.

Mice have been munching on pea seedlings so we planted another 400 pea seeds, in the hope a few will be missed by the mice.

I was asked “if chickens are vegetarian and we ate a chicken, are we vegetarian?” The view the class was interesting, and made for an interesting conversation about vegetarianism.

Bring the Brood

This is an project run by Fife Council to encourage families to cook from scratch, improve diets and health.

Week 4 was ‘rice week’ where cooked rice (microwave rice) was used in a pan with recipes that called for tinned vegetables, tuna and or eggs to be added. It’s super quick, nutritious and easy to make.

We had 28 participants split over two sessions with children’s ages ranging from preschool to high school. Most tried a taste of more than one of the recipes after they were cooked and the feedback was really positive.

The events were busy, as participants chose one of four recipes listed, and ingredients were provided and cooking advice given to each of the five workstations.

Thank you to Fife Council, Inverkeithing High School Community Use and Inverkeithing High school and their staff.

The Polytunnel is back up after the storm Isha.

A couple of hours work with Steve, and the poly tunnel is back up again. I really appreciated his help, banter and the satisfaction when it was all back up. It’s not pretty but it’s a working tunnel.
It has lifted my spirits as it did when it was rebuilt after Storm Arwen. There are thoughts of putting straps and additional guy ropes to strengthen the structure over winter.

We are having a volunteer day on Saturday 24th Feb from 2:00-4:00pm to tidy and clear up. If you can make it, you’re welcome.

Uno y Dos

We have two baby chicks from seven eggs and they are going to be part of the school visits.

A total of four chicks hatched but two did not make it, it’s a wee shame. ‘Don’t count your chicks before they hatch’

If you’re thinking of incubating eggs, consider that you will learn the harsh realities of life and death. It’s mostly a celebration of life and that it’s a real miracle.

Beginners Gardeners 4 week course in Stockbridge Edinburgh in March

This course has been successfully running for the last 3 years, the content and delivery are relevant, interesting and fun!

If you’d like to book on any course click on the links below.

You’ll finish the course feeling enthusiastic and confident, knowing where to find any information you may need – in a position to start gardening and growing your own vegetables immediately!

The interactive presentation allows a deeper appreciation and understanding of gardening. It will be easy to start growing and harvesting by understanding the underlying principles of plant biology.

Also, well-being is woven into the course as we’ll be looking at the connection between growing your own vegetables and the health benefits it brings from improved mental and physical wellness to better nutrition and a stronger immune system.

The aim is to encourage everyone to start small in their gardening journey, learn to upcycle and keep costs to a minimum.

There are two courses running simultaneously, one on Tuesday Evening 6:30-8:30pm and the other on Sunday Morning 10-30-12:30. If you can’t attend a session, you can join the other group so you don’t miss out.

*All gardening materials are included – just bring along pen and paper to take notes*

This is what we’ll be covering:

Choosing pots and pot sizes
Choosing compost, sand and drainage
How to prevent lopsided plants
Feeding seedlings
How to keep seedlings thriving

Multiply your plants
Growing herbs on the cheap
Knowing when to plant out seedlings
Mistakes to avoid
Seeds and how to collect your own

Choose what to grow in you garden or balcony
Being self-sufficient
Frosts, wind and sunshine
Why grow organically?
What enhances soil microbes?

Your microclimate and improving it
Micro-green tasting
Introduction to square foot gardening
Simple and effective planning system
Perpetual planting

Come and join us!

Grant Stewart
Head Gardener
The Sanctuary Garden
Kingseat, Dunfermline

Vegetable Gardening Taster Courses in Stockbridge Edinburgh.

Are you intrigued by the idea of cultivating your own vegetables? Our hour-long taster course is designed to provide you with essential insights, practical ideas and the confidence to kickstart your vegetable growing journey.

There are 3 hour long taster courses on Tuesday 6 and 20 February at 18:30 and another on Sunday 25th Feb at 10:30 am and available on Eventbrite for £5.00 per person.

In this brief yet informative session, we’ll cover:

  • Getting started
  • Essential tools
  • Pots and compost selection
  • Choosing the right vegetables
  • The benefits of organic gardening
  • Keeping your gardening costs minimal

This quick one-hour course is a perfect introduction. If you find the world of vegetable growing captivating, consider joining our follow-up two-hour course, conducted weekly over four weeks; click for more details This extended session delves deeper, equipping you with the knowledge to start your vegetable garden promptly. Let’s embark on this green adventure together!

Storm Isha caused a little damage

It’s disheartening to witness the aftermath of Storm Isha wreaking havoc. While the scale of devastation is significant, I’m grateful that, in comparison, it’s relatively minor. Having seen the real and extensive damage caused elsewhere in the country, I appreciate that most of what’s happened here is repairable, and the costs associated with the repairs are relatively manageable. The floods of support, both in terms of moral encouragement and tangible assistance, have been overwhelming as I work to get everything back up and running. Thank you for the kindness and support during this challenging time.

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